Our Smokehouse is now open!

Have your products smoked in house.  We offer cured and all natural uncured products.  We can smoke your bacons, hams, picnics, loins and more.   If you are looking for smoked sausages , we offer smoked kielbasa, andouille, smoked chorizo and others.
Traditional Maple Cured
If you prefer traditional cured products, choose our tasty hickory smoked cured process.  Your products are carefully cured and smoked to your specifications.  Hams can be bone in or boneless, your choice.   
All Natural Uncured
If you are looking for an all natural alternative, choose uncured.  Your meat will be cured in an all natural brine consisting of salt, maple, spices and celery juice powder(a natural alternative to chemical nitrites) then hickory smoked.  All products will be delivered boneless.
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